End of Summer Wash

D7000_2014_08_31-13_36_49Lots of nice times with the car this summer. This last Saturday morning had some free time to give her a wash. Gosh that Mcguires soap is sweet stuff. I’d never imagine that there was any difference between car wash soaps.

Was hoping it would rain since it’d wash the mineralized water off the car but no such luck. At least I got to give it some wax.

The Collinite 915 is still lovely wax. Smells good and goes on easily, nice deep shine.

Well, enough product placement.

After the wash and wax the son and I went on a short victory tour on East Mercer Way. Man that car is fast! I’d love someday to drive that whole road in 1st, really boost out of the corners but I just zoomed around the corners in 2nd.











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